The Kind Of Life The London Escorts Live

Whether you think highly or low about the escort, a common question that usually pops in the head if how much does a London escort make in a day and what kind of life do they live? Do they really enjoy doing what they do or do they have any regrets about their career decision?  In this article, we will give you an insight into the kind of life the escorts live.

First things first. The amount of money that a high class escort makes can vary depending on a lot of factors. However, some of the most popular escorts in London can make more than $10,000 over a weekend without having to actually sleep with their clients. The services involve much more than just sex, and the escorts get paid for a dinner date, girlfriend experience, to and accompany their clients on business trips.

What Do Escorts Do With The Money?

Contrary to what some section of the society may feel or think, the escorts are extremely happy in their profession. They treat this like any other job, just that they are better paid, they travel a lot, and they can decide their own work schedules. Most of them are in the profession because they willingly chose to be an escort to get a good life.

The highly paid escorts in London are independent and they can afford to go on lavish vacations once a month. They can support their families and buying expensive things for them. The independent ladies buy some of the most expensive clothes and jewelry. They drive around in expensive cars and some of them even own such cars and few properties in and around London.

So, Do They Do It For Money?

When asked about what they like best about their job, a high profile London escort said that it’s not just the money but the experience they get out of it. Most of them have families or they are in serious relationships, however their life in not confined to that. The escorts have fun with clients and their job allows them to see the world, wear good clothes, and dine at the finest restaurants. After all, which job pays you to look attractive and sexy? Most of the escorts love their job and they don’t regret the decision they made early in their lives.

Are They Educated?

Many people have a misconception that escorts are less educated and that is why they choose this career, because they cannot do anything else. However, this is not true at all. Some of these girls have very strong resumes that can easily get them a corporate job. But, a company job will not give them the kind of money and freedom they enjoy in this career. As a result, many well-educated girls studying in the university choose to become an escort to live the life of their dreams.

If you meet some of the escorts in London, you will realize that some of them are really intelligent with a good sense of humor. They provide the opportunity to their clients to open up and feel relaxed. Many of them have regular clients with whom they share a great bond. They have helped men relieve their stress, speak about their family issues, gain more confidence, and they have even saved marriages. T