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    Ways to Develop Healthy Cannabis Habits in 2019

    If you are using cannabis products, chances are that you are already interested in improving your health. Right from helping you get a good night’s sleep to boosting your appetite, medical cannabis is known to work wonders. However, if you want to improve your health awareness with cannabis use, there are numerous ways to do so. Here are some ways to form healthy habits of using cannabis in 2019.

    Use CBD-Infused Product Pre and Post Workout

    Those who are pushing themselves may get muscle soreness which can be prevented using CBD Topicals before and after workout. Rubbing the muscles with CBD, THC or a combination infusion can ensure a better training and comfort. The benefit of CBD Topicals is that they don’t alter your state of mind and great for times such as pushing yourself or even just having some fun outdoors.

    Microdose and Stretch

    Stretching is known to be one of the best activities a human being can indulge in. Right from pre and post workout to yoga, stretching offers many benefits to the body. You can consider having a small amount of cannabis in tincture or edible form an hour before stretching to feel the burn. You can alternatively puff off a pipe or vape pen before the exercise to get extra simulation.

    Cut the Sugar from the Edibles

    Before you buy your favorite cannabis edibles, explore the local dispensaries and online stores. Regardless of how tasty the creams, caramels and chocolates taste, they should be consumed in moderation. You need not avoid them but keep a watch on the sugar content. You can try pot infused granola the next time you want to have cannabis edibles or make your own product where you can completely control the ingredients.

    DIY Creams and Other Infusions

    Marijuana is so versatile, it can go with almost anything with a carrier substance like oil. Making your own CBD Topicals at home is really interesting. Whether it is an infusion for sore muscles or delicious, healthy baked goodies, the most exciting thing is that you control what goes into the recipe and thus what goes into your body and mind.

    Carry your Vape Pen to a Walk

    One of the best things about vape pens is that they are quite portable as well as non-intrusive. A big cloud of smoke can be a bad thing in public and also impose charges. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all the time and you use the CBD vape pen as a reward system by taking a hit at specific time intervals or following the dose you find comfortable.

    Cut Back on the Netflix

    Though this is not a habit that you must form, if you often find yourself getting stoned on your bed than outdoors, you should re-evaluate your schedule to find time for seshing. You can consider finding time for art or improving on your health or anything that makes you feel better about yourself. Take some time to find out what gives you pleasure or feels better from inside out and indulge in the activity rather than hooking up on your favorite series.

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